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New Dean of Students for Nyack

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Friday October 22, 2010

Nyack College Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. David F. Turk, made the following statement to the campus community today:

"I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Wanda Velez has been appointed Associate Dean of Students for the Rockland Campus, effective November 1, 2010. Mrs. Velez will continue in her role as Director of Residence Life throughout the remainder of the school year. Please continue to give her your full support as you welcome her to this new role and challenge. I know that with me you will be praying for God's continued blessing for the entire Student Life staff."

Mrs. Velez is an alumna of Nyack College ('96) and of Alliance Theological Seminary ('01). In addition to her relationship with the institution as a student, she has worn several hats as an employee. In the Office of Advancement, she served as Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events for Nyack/ATS and has also been on the staff of Student Development, first as a Residence Director before taking on her current role of Director of Residence Life.

"Miss Wanda," as she is known to many, is one of the youngest spiritual mothers who has walked the Hillside pouring into the lives of students. It is because of her authentic, down-to-earth personality that she has been endeared to students and her colleagues. She is loved--not just for the pancake breakfasts or spaghetti dinners she has personally cooked for the young ladies in her dorm or for her Gideon's army of workers who would dare prepare a dorm for new students--because of her transparency and even for her "tough love" when necessary.

We celebrate this fine hour with the Velez family (Wanda's husband, Louis; sons, Isaiah and Javian, and daughters Iza and Jada.

Congratulations, Dean Velez!

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