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Scholarly Symposium Showcases Nyack Faculty Research

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Sunday September 26, 2010

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The Rockland County campus of Nyack College will be the site of the Fall 2010 Scholars Symposium on Wednesday, October 6 beginning at 9:00 a.m. with the plenary speaker, RNDr. Martin Palouš (pictured above). Dr. Palouš has been the United Nations Ambassador to the Czech Republic since 2006. In addition to his Doctor of Natural Sciences in chemistry from Charles University in Prague, as well as degrees in philosophy and social sciences, he also received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Nyack College at Commencement 2010.

Nearly 20 faculty members from Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary will be present papers that they have published in journals or presented at other scholarly conferences. Nyack students are required to attend and write response papers as a part of their curriculum.

Among the other presenters being showcased at this symposium will be Nyack student, Elizabeth Rigotti, who is a double major in religion and English. Dr. Larry Poston, department chair of religion in the College of Arts & Sciences, Division of Humanities, says of Ms. Rigotti, “I was so impressed with her ability…that she was able to talk me into letting her take my senior seminar during the spring semester of her freshman year. She received the highest grade in the class of all seniors.” The paper that Dr. Poston and Ms. Rigotti co-wrote, “Christian Fiction: Innovative Contextualization or Trojan Horse for Heresy?” was presented at the American Academy of Religion’s regional conference in Ottawa, Canada last May.

This is the second symposium hosted on the Nyack College campus this year, which is coordinated by the Faculty Scholarly Dialogue Committee. Members include Dr. Leonard Kageler, Dr. Dion Harrigan, Dr. Amy Davis, Dr. James Danaher, Dr. Susanne Hartl, and Dr. Vilma Balmaceda.

Attached file contains the entire plenary speech.

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