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President Scales Announces Approval of D.Min. at ATS

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday July 26, 2010

2010 is the year of jubilee for Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) and the cause for celebrating 50 years was raised a notch when the New York State Board of Regents approved the seminary’s Doctor of Ministry degree program this month. This is the first doctoral degree offered by Nyack College/ATS and the first doctorate offered by an educational institution of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. 

“I believe Dr. Simpson would be proud,” declared Dr. Michael Scales. In his announcement to the campus community, he said, “Our perseverance, endurance, and persistence finally win. More importantly, God blesses us with a favorable ruling in HIS time! The Board of Regents approved the charter and master plan amendments. This means we have proven to be "institutionally ready" to offer a doctorate and secondly, that the specific D.Min. is approved.” 

With campuses strategically located in Nyack and New York City, Scales pointed out, “This is a major step in our God-given goal to become New York's Christian university. And a Christ-centered university in New York is a Christ-centered university to the world!”

Dr. Elias Dantas is the Director of the D.Min. in Christian Leadership in the Global Context, which will be offered exclusively at the Rockland County, NY campus beginning  January 2011. Prior to his ATS appointment, Dr. Dantas was the associate pastor at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in California. He has a vision for the church and a vision for how ATS might by used by God to fulfill it.

“We want to build churches that are with the community, not just in it,” Dantas says. “We’re becoming a country of foreign born people. We need to help leaders minister in an urban context.”

The opportunity to help churches do that is part of what drew Dantas to ATS. The native Brazilian has always recognized the importance of creating a church with a global mindset. At ATS, that global mindset permeates everything. It reflects the vision and mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

The ATS program seeks “to integrate the practice of ministry with a theological and biblical base.”  Prospective students interested in the 36-credit, three-year program, should contact the Office of Admissions for details on the application process by phoning 1.800.541.6891 or emailing You can learn more about the D.Min program by visiting the ATS website or directly by visiting

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