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Team Cancun Update

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Thursday June 24, 2010

Walk into any Barnes & Noble or Borders Bookstore and...well, the book neatly line the shelves--all categorized and alphabetized. But imagine the process of getting a bookstore consumer-ready and consumer-friendly. That's the yeoman's task being accomplished by five Nyack students assisting the owners of Old Cancun Christian Bookstore.

As they battle fatigue and a few inconvenient minor injuries, Team Cancun (pictured above) invites you to check out the bookstore's website they set up at Read about their challenges and their triumphs at

Faculty advisor for the group, Prof. James Muckell, will take another team to Mexico in January 2011 to continue the service-learning work that Nyack has established with an orphanage there. He hopes to have a large enough student group to assign a crew to follow up on the tremendous groundwork done by team leader Carolina Simbana with Piero Gorriti, Farrah Michael, Stephanie Azevedo, and Gavin Penny.

Pray for their endurance to continue the painstaking work and for safe travels as the group will head home next week.

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