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Nyack College/ATS Administrators Celebrate Employee Service

Posted by Joshua.Way on Friday May 15, 2009

Toasting and roasting.
Memories resurrected and memories created.
Tears released and laughter unleashed.

It all happened at the 2009 annual Faculty-Staff Luncheon, Monday, May 11 on the Rockland County campus of Nyack College, hosted by President Dr. Michael G. Scales and his executive team of vice presidents. Employees of the college and seminary were applauded the dedication, loyalty, and longevity.

Turning the Page: 2009 Retirees

Ms. Robin Luce, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Development, Nyack Rockland County campus. Her master’s degree in counseling, her experience as an educator, and her spirit of love and wisdom equipped Robin to regularly comfort and encourage students, staff, and faculty.

Dr. Eleanor Pease, who came to Nyack College as a student in 1953, ends her tenure in the role of TESOL Department Chair and Department Head of Modern Languages and Linguistics. Her pace-setting contributions were detailed in a tribute written by Kristen Luba based on the Dr. Suess poem, “Oh The Places You Will Go.” Dr. Pease heads for the Sunshine State.

Dr. JinTae Kim, Director of Korean Ministry Studies at Alliance Theological Seminary leaves a legacy as a major influencer of students. He will pastor a church in Philadelphia.

Changing Hats: New Leadership

Dr. Fernando Arzola, an Asst. Professor of Youth Ministries and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies is the new dean of the College of Arts & Science. As he steps into this role, former Arts & Science dean, Dr. Lyndell O’Hara will become Department Head of the History Department and oversee The Honors Program. 

A Quarter Century of Servant Leadership

Two employees were recognized for 25 years of service.

Professor Jeff Quinn, Pastoral Ministries Department has worn many hats during his tenure. What makes him “Mr. Nyack?” President Scales rattled off a number of reasons. Prof. Quinn served as an admissions counselor, a Nyack College alumni director, an ATS Admissions/Registrar, an ATS vice president, a Nyack College vice president of administration, a Adult and Continuing Education Program vice president and now his current role as a professor. In addition to being a friend, Dr. Scales calls Jeff, “one of our most gifted communicators and strategic thinkers with the character, loyalty and ability to see and analyze issues.”

Mrs. Elaine Holodynsky, Business Office, Senior Accountant. After one year as a secretary in Nyack’s Christian Service Office, Elaine found her niche in the Business Office where she has served faithfully for the last 24 years. During that time she has seen the changing of the guard many times: treasurers, business office managers, controllers, and office staff have come and gone. Today she oversee all business functions. “She makes sure that financially we do things right. She asks the hard questions and requires processes, procedures and systems to be followed,” Executive Vice President David Jennings, proudly shares. “I am personally grateful for the character and integrity in which she oversees the processing and accounting of our financial resources.”


20 Years
Dr. Thomas Donworth

15 Years
Dr. JinTae Kim

10 Years
Dr. Carol Awasu
Dr. Charles Awasu
Dr. Frank Chan
Dr. James Chin
Mrs. Jackie Julien
Dr. Dongsu Kim
Dr. Stephen Maret
Mr. Earl Miller
Mr. Andres Valenzuela
Dr. Ronald Walborn

5 Years

Miss Kerry Callender
Dr. Michael Gillern
Mrs. Melissa Hickey
Mr. Timothy Less
Dr. JoAnn Looney
Mrs.Madelyn Ortiz
Dr. Elissa Rathe
Dr. Cleotha Robertson
Mrs. Karen Shaffstall
Dr. Jesse Stevens
Mrs. Sally Stuart
Dr. Anita Underwood
Dr. Jacqueline Washington


The Commitment to Mission Award, originally awarded for a number of years to an individual with more than 10 years of service and second with less than five years. Presented to one faculty member and one staff member, renamed award has been reinstituted. An appeal for nominations was solicited from all full-time employees and the 13 forms submitted were reviewed by the Executive Team. This year the Ex Team selected two people "based on evidence of outstanding efforts and the nominees achievements in relation to Nyack’s core values." The 2009 Faculty Commitment to Mission Award was presented to Dr. JoAnn Looney, Dean of the School of Education.

Dr. Looney, who discovered Nyack College while surfing the net, says she has “learned more about being prayerful and faithful” and “about dying to self—not reaching to grab but to reach down  inside to serve.” Caught off guard while feverishly taking notes to cover the event, the 2009 Staff Commitment to Mission Award was presented to Mrs. Debbie Walker, Director of Publications & Media Relations. Debbie’s understanding and personal commitment to the mission and values of Nyack College have enabled her to significantly reshape the public image of Nyack College without ever picking up a microphone or being positioned front and center. Her professionalism and humility are traits that we aspire to see in all of our faculty and staff.

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