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Environmentally Friendly Nyack

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday October 21, 2008

Nyack College is partnering with eLot Recycling of Troy, NY to sponsor Electronic Recycling Day on Saturday, November 8 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at Nyack's Rockland County campus.
The drop-off site will be behind the archway at Moseley Hall near the Moseley soccer field and classroom #100. All items, except televisions, will be recycled free of charge. The recycling fee for televisions is only $10 each.
Items that will be accepted include: mother boards, computer components, AC adapters, answering machines, caller ID boxes, cell phones, car phones, telephones, hard drives, CD burners, DVDs, VCRs, floppy drives, pagers, routers, electronic game systems, projectors, cameras, blenders, can openers, coffee makers, fans, household lamps, microwaves, toasters, surge protectors and typewriters.
For more information, phone eLot at 518.266.9385.


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