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The Great Debaters

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Wednesday September 17, 2008

Not McCain, Obama, Palin or Biden. The first ever presidential debate will take place on Nyack's Manhattan campus between two candidates for the presidency of Nyack's Student Government Association on Monday, September 22 at 5:00 p.m. in Chapel Room B200.

Meet the candidates.

Charles Hwang, Senior
Hometown: Queens, NY; born in South Korea
Major: History
Personal interests: Reading, writing poetry, sports, traveling, hiking, and meeting new people
On Nyack College: "The wonderful thing about our school is the diversity...My vision is to continue to reach out to all people in and outside of this school and help them in whatever way God sees fit for me to do. I'd like to see great unity in the midst of the diversity in our student body."
Dawn Grannum, Senior

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; born in Georgetown, Guyana

Major: Music Education

Career aspiration: Teaching at high school level and pursuing a professional music career. Would also like to start an arts program for children in impoverished neighborhoods.

Interests: Writing poetry, playing guitar, singing and composing music

On Nyack College: "My desire is that students would become more active and interested in their college experience and that an authentic community would be fostered on the New York City campus as well as the Rockland campus."












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