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Seventh Year for Woman...Rite of Passage Ceremony

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday May 2, 2017

The annual Crossing Over Ceremony was held on Sunday, April 30, marking the seventh year that Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah has conducted Woman, the rite of passage program for senior female students at Nyack College, along with her colleague Nyack Rockland’s Dean Wanda Velez.

Dr. Abdallah shares, “I dedicated my Ph.D. dissertation to the women of Nyack College and the not-yet-women of my family, hoping there would be a Woman Rite of Passage someday. Through the past seven years and with the help of Nyack's community, we've grown to over 100 alumnae supported by more than 20 mentors. The Book of Womanhood, the book that evolved from my dissertation, now empowers Christian women to be the unique people God's created them to be in the United States and abroad. Nyack College is the epicenter of this movement, not unlike the center A.B. Simpson imagined as he sent the whole gospel to the whole world. I'm amazed at what Woman has become and thankful to be a part of it.”

The 13 women who participated in the ceremony on the Rockland campus in President’s Hall of Shuman Hall were Grace Katherine Anger, Faith Argeroplos, Alexandria Bisson, Bridgett Lee Blood, Trisha Frazer, Alisha Silvanna Izquierdo, Karen Liang, Kassie Neumann, Nicole Lee Occhipinti, Casey-Adelle Reyes, Emily Hope Sigmon, Caitlyn Thomas and Zatanyia Vereen.

The vocal and visual presentations spoke volumes of how the one-year journey impacted each woman's life. Unanimously—through their laughter and joyful tears—they agreed it was  a transformational experience.

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