2017 Alumni & Friends Phonathon Underway

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2017 Alumni & Friends Phonathon Underway

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday February 6, 2017

The Nyack Office of College Relations Call Center located in Shuman Hall on the Rockland County campus is buzzing with the activity of student ambassadors engaged in a phone campaign—our 2017 Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary Alumni & Friends Phonathon, which will continue Mondays through Thursdays until April 13. These exceptional young men and women were selected after an interview process to be a part of this semester-long effort to connect with our faculty, staff, alumni and friends. Learn more about our ambassadors

The annual Phonathon is just one type of campaign that operates from our Call Center. This fundraising initiative provides alumni and friends the opportunity to make a gift to our Student Support Fund. However, our callers will also communicate with our constituents to express gratitude for their giving, to extend an invitation to a special event or to simply update contact information.  

Join us in praying for another successful campaign that will be an encouragement to our students and build support for the College and Seminary.


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