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School of Music Students Share Joy at Market Street Mission

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Thursday November 10, 2016

Nyack College music students from the Rockland campus travelled to the Market Street Mission in Morristown, NJ recently to perform at an evening chapel service.

Dr. Marie Kenote, Nyack School of Music professor shares, “We go every year; sometimes every semester. Our students come away with a very rich experience of sharing their love of music and the Lord with those at the Mission who are either there for an evening of chapel, a meal and a warm place to sleep or with those who are in the Market Street Mission support program.”

In a communication of gratitude to Dr. Kenote for bringing the students, Learning Center Manager and Chapel Coordinator Nathanael Towers says, “The men in our program are starved for beauty, joy and love. Many of them have grown up in a world of loss, pain and disintegrated lives. Their addiction has perpetuated a cycle of darkness and hopelessness. When guests come with instruments, songs, and humble curiosity about them, our clients are nourished, healed, given clarity and hope. This truly is a blessing. When the songs performed and sung tell the true stories of God’s movement in history and His ongoing interest in the lives of broken people, our men are impacted. Thank you for your interest in them!”

Dr. Kenote remarks, “It's a win-win situation and I'm very thankful for this outreach. We can make a difference in this world of sorrow one person at a time."

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