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Coming to Nyack: A Science & Technology Entry Program (STEP) for Youth

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Wednesday September 28, 2016

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) notified Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary President, Dr. Michael G. Scales that Nyack College has been awarded a $207,000 grant that will fund a Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) to be conducted at the College through the year 2020. STEP programs target middle and high school whose science and technology skills will be enhanced by the program held Saturdays throughout the academic year.

The objective of STEP programs is “to increase the number of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students prepared to enter college, and improve their participation rate in mathematics, science, technology, health related fields and the licensed professions.” Visit for more information.

Associate Dean of Nyack’s Division of Student Success Dr. Gwen Parker-Ames  (pictured) has worked feverishly behind the scenes to pursue this grant that will invite some 105 students from Nyack Middle School, Nyack High School and Spring Valley High School to participate in the program. In addition to Nyack faculty who will be selected to hold classes, Nyack College students will serve as tutors.

Congratulations to Dr. Parker-Ames for her diligent and persistent pursuit of the grant!


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