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Seven Years Strong: Nyack's Rites of Passage Initiation Ceremony

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Wednesday September 21, 2016

The seventh cohort (pictured) of Nyack College students were initiated into Woman, the rites of passage program for seniors launched by Bible professor Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah. The students were celebrated with Dr. Abdallah and her program co-leaders, Nyack Rockland Dean Wanda Velez and Nyack 2010 alumna Ms. Christina Wolfe.

This year 14 seniors have committed to the journey that is based on exploring their relationship with God, self, others and creation. Curriculum content for the program is from Dr. Abdallah’s 350-page doctoral dissertation on rites of passage for Christian women, which later became, The Book of Womanhood.

At the conclusion of the program each May, there is a crossing over ceremony which showcases projects reflecting the personal transformation of the women.

One of the many glowing examples of alumnae journeys was shared again at the 2016 initiation ceremony. Janiece Williams performed her spoken word poem, “Praise,” celebrating personal worth, affirmation and the beauty of womanhood. Click here to enjoy her presentation.

To learn more about Woman, visit Dr. Abdallah’s website.

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