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Amanda Halter, A Lady Warrior in Germany

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday August 23, 2016

Nyack’s Head Coach for Women’s Soccer, Jodel Wright shares his recent conversation with Amanda Halter, a 2013 Nyack College graduate. Amanda was an integral part of the development of Nyack’s women's soccer program during her two years of NCAA collegiate soccer. She graduated from East High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2009 and played at Laramie County Community College, before transferring to Nyack College in the fall of 2011.

Coach Wright says that Amanda “left a lasting legacy of influence and leadership." During her time at Nyack, Amanda (pictured above left) was a tremendous leader both on and off the field. Despite setbacks with a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury, her character and fight to play again endures as a story of resilience within the women's soccer program.

Here’s a transcript of his conversation with her.

Coach Wright: Recently, Amanda and I had the opportunity to discuss her post-Nyack soccer career. Like many of our alumni, she refuses to hang up her cleats, all for the love of the game. Currently, she plays and studies in Germany and was part of her team's championship victory this past season.

Coach Wright: What team do you play for in Germany?

Amanda: I currently play for Universitätssportverein Jena (USV Jena, a German sports club).

Coach Wright: How has your experience playing in Germany enhanced your performance?

Amanda: Playing in Germany has been an insightful and meaningful experience for me. As language is a big part of the game, I had to overcome the barrier with my coach and teammates. Some of the players speak English, but it is not the language that the team utilizes during training or games, and the coach definitely only speaks German. Therefore, I was pushed to really focus and try to understand new drills, tactics, and approaches to a game that I thought I knew so well. It has been fun and challenging to see the game from a whole new perspective, not only with the language barrier, but also with different coaching theories, methods, and style of play. Additionally, it is really awesome to be in a country where soccer is literally the favorite sport; even moreso, is that women's soccer is so developed into many leveled leagues for all ages. I would hope that the American soccer leagues can develop like this someday.

Coach Wright: What advice would you give to a college student-athlete wanting to play professionally?

Amanda: Many college athletes think that after their four years of college sports their chances to play the game are over. The fact is, if you love the game and have the dream to continue playing past college, pursue it. Maybe the location you are does not enable you to reach that goal the easiest, so follow it elsewhere.

Coach Wright: Who is your favorite women's soccer player? And why?

Amanda: My favorite soccer player is Abby Wambach. (Mary Abigail "Abby" Wambach, retired American soccer player, coach, two-time Olympic gold medalist) She was the Mia Hamm of my generation and inspired me to push myself and my teammates, no matter the obstacles. I was saddened to hear that she decided to retire after winning the World Cup, but I know that her career is something unmatched and her legacy of impact on women's soccer and women's sports in general will continue to thrive.

On behalf of the Lady Warriors, we wish Amanda Halter all the best in her upcoming season with USV Jena.

Once a Warrior always a Warrior!


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