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Nyack Counseling Professor and Students to be Published

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Friday July 22, 2016

Dr. Lisa Steiner, Nyack College’s director of online mental health counseling, announced that she and four Alliance Graduate School of Counseling (AGSC) students were notified that their work based on research will be published in The Journal of Religion and Health.

Last summer, four AGSC students and Dr. Steiner wrote a 35-page scholarly article based on research conducted in an AGSC research class. This study entitled "Spiritual Factors Predict State and Trait Anxiety" was designed to examine the effect of spiritual well-being and spirituality on state and trait anxiety. Two-hundred and thirty-eight adults in the United States were surveyed using the State Trait Anxiety Inventory, Duke University Religion Index, Spiritual Well-Being Scale, and a participant questionnaire. 

Dr. Steiner proudly comments on each one. The co-authors are pictured are (l-r) standing: Melanie Molloy, Dr. Lisa Steiner, Sabrina Durand, Sarah Zaske; seated: Rosana Arteta.

“Sarah was my first co-author on this article. Her final paper for the research course contributed a solid starting point for this article. She is a spectacular writer. She graduated from AGSC in May 2016.”

“This is the second time that Sabrina is being published with me in an APA journal as a graduate student. What a major accomplishment, especially for someone who did not know a word of English until she moved to the U.S. at 17. Sabrina is the online Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling academic program coordinator. Sabrina is finishing up her last year as an AGSC student. She, two other students, and I were published last year in the prestigious Journal of Divorce and Remarriage based on a study we conducted on divorce adjustment in men.

“Melanie was a first semester AGSC student when we conducted this study who had not been in college for approximately two decades. Yet, she quickly dusted off her writing skills and passionately jumped into writing this article with us.”

“Rosana is an amazing student, balancing graduate school, being the mom of seven children, and pressing through physical challenges. Her writing skills are sharp and deep. She is now on the finish line at AGSC, working on her internship hours.”'

Congratulations to all for the contribution being made to scholarly research by Nyack students supported by intentionally engaged faculty!

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