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JULY 10 & 14: Anthony Vaval ('16) Grad Featured on Dennis Dillon Show

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Sunday July 10, 2016

Anthony Vaval, a May 2016 graduate of Nyack’s NYC School of Music and his vocal group, The Cedars Of Lebanon, will be featured on The Dennis Dillon Show at 11 p.m. on July 10 and July 14. The show will air on the following cable television outlets:

RCN Channel 16 (NYC)

Cablevision Channel 19 and 48 Channel 6 & 19 in Westchester County

Time Warner Channel 22 & Channel 91 (NYC),

DirecTV Channel 48, Comcast Channel 19 (NJ)

Channel 25 (CT)

Verizon FIOS Channel 6

The group was formed in 2005 under the leadership of Vaval, who was compelled to start a ministry that would attract youth to Christ. Since the Cedars Of Lebanon was established, they have ministered to youth audiences in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington D.C,, and New Jersey. His desire is to live up to the name The Cedars of Lebanon as David envisioned in Psalm 92:12-13.

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