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Associate Dean Luis Carlo Receives Kudos for Service to ATS

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Sunday July 10, 2016

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Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord

and not for men, knowing that from the Lord

you will receive the inheritance as your reward.

you are serving the Lord Christ.

Colossians 3:23-24

Several years ago, an Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) alumni publication included a welcome letter penned by Associate Dean Dr. Luis A. Carlo. He wrote, “We seek to live out the heavenly vision and gospel message. We do so in faith and express it with an urban swagger, sense of bravado, and indisputable resilience.”

The words he used to describe his beloved ATS are actually quite autobiographical. Think of Luis Carlo and you have to admit there is swagger, bravado, and indisputable resilience in this lifelong learner turned professor, preacher, and powerhouse leader.

When the Apostle Paul wrote, that God has “not given us a spirit of timidity” but love, power, and a sound mind, that epitaph fits the man who fiercely loved and played a leading role in the life of Alliance Theological Seminary in New York City.

His colleague and Nyack College history professor, Dr. Lyndell O’Hara once recounted his part in Nyack’s history this way: “By the beginning of 1997, our student body more than doubled and additional staff and space were needed. Dr. David Turk moved from his position as English professor and director of the theatre program at Rockland to become Director of the Manhattan site. Dr. Luis Carlo arrived to set up the ATS graduate program in the city, we acquired an admissions counselor—and the four of us shared a single office!” That’s fierce love for a worthy cause and the fruit of the effort exerted speaks for itself.

Dr. Carlo is the consummate scholar who, in addition to being an alumnus of the ATS M.Div. program, also earned two doctorates—an Ed.D. from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary and the D.Min. from Bakke Graduate University. He has been applauded and honored by numerous organizations locally and nationally. For a season, Dr. Carlo served as board chairman of the Christian Community Development Association in Chicago, IL.

Dean Carlo’s illustrious career at Alliance Theological Seminary concluded with his recent resignation. However, this departure does not come without deep gratitude for his pioneering work in spearheading the establishment of the seminary program in Manhattan.

No words could ever reward someone for the tireless service that was seen in public; neither for the unseen labor carried out in private. For his public and private commitment to the Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary community, we speak blessing on Dr. Luis A. Carlo, as he enters a new season as a son and a servant of God.


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