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iSucceed at Nyack Is a School of Music Success

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday June 21, 2016

Jenn Scott, Nyack School of Music Rockland County campus lecturer looks back at the past year and shares with appreciation how student and faculty have enthusiastically engaged the transition to using iPads instead of the reams of sheet music that was previously the norm.

After an anonymous survey of faculty and staff, responses praise the convenience, creativity, and ease of communication with the launch of the iPad initiative. Here’s a sampling of responses nine months after the initial grappling with the change in culture.

I love that I can use my iPad to send links and [air drop] videos, pictures, and information that makes learning much more enjoyable and helpful.

We are able to have all of our music in one place. Most students lose their music when it's printed, so having it on the iPad, easily accessible, actually helps with the students' accountability to remain responsible.

I enjoy carrying all my music repertoire on my iPad everywhere I go. Whether I am in school, at home, or traveling, I can study and mentally practice my music. I enjoy not having to carry papers around for music and fearing to forget to pack music for a certain class. The iPad has made my life easier and my musical experience more enjoyable.

As a music student, the best feature on the iPad is the camera/video access where I can record lessons, rehearsals, recitals, etc. This feature allows me to play back any of these events as needed.

Ms. Scott proudly reports, “From the survey, we have found the top three paid apps used are "ForScore," "Notability," and "SymphonyPro."

"ForScore" overwhelmingly got the top vote because of its incredible functionality. It allows the user to mark up their scores of music as needed, organize the music by category, rehearse with the built-in metronome and piano, and share annotated versions of their work with others. "Notability" comes in handy for taking quick classroom notes, while integrating photos as well. Whether using a stylus, or a finger, notes are easily saved and filed according to the user's preference. "SymphonyPro" allows the user to create and compose written music, which is great for composition and theory classes.

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