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Honoring the Life of Dr. Thomas P. Bailey, Sr.

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Friday June 24, 2016


Dr. Thomas P. Bailey, who served as the seventh president of Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary, and before that as its academic dean from 1958 until 1975, passed away on Saturday, June 18 in Fort Myers, Florida. Dr. Bailey devoted over three decades of loyal service to Nyack/ATS, which also included his role as a history professor. The Board of Trustees named him Professor Emeritus of History of Religion upon his retirement in 1982.

President Michael G. Scales commented, "My dear friend, Dr. Tom Bailey, spent his career translating the heart and vision of A.B. Simpson into the world of modern higher education. As dean, he was instrumental in gaining the accreditation that expanded the reach and influence of Nyack Missionary College through the offering of recognized four-year degrees. As president, he secured the granting of master’s degrees for what is now Alliance Theological Seminary.

Tom led Nyack to take tremendous steps forward without ever stepping off course, and he did so with uncanny gentleness, humor, and grace. Perhaps no individual since Dr. Simpson has had more of a shaping influence on Nyack College and ATS than he. Every Nyack College and ATS graduate who has been afforded the opportunity to serve, to work, and to excel because of his or her degree owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Tom Bailey. As do I."



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