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Faculty Awarded Research Grants

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday March 12, 2007

Congratulations to the following recipients of 2007-2008 Faculty Research Grants, who will each receive a $4,000 grant this summer to complete the projects listed below.


Dr. Charles Awasu plans to write an article entitled, "The Social Dynamism of Informal Finance in Ghana."


Dr. Stephen Bailey plans to begin writing a book that would explore the potential for a new model for contextualization using some of the tools of postmodern philosophy.


Dr. Ron Belsterling plans to write two articles entitled, "Characteristics of Youth Workers which Relate to the Development of Attachment Relationships" and "Adolescent Attachment with Youth Workers."


Dr. Jan Dale plans to begin writing a book for Christian parents to help them understand their pre-school and elementary school children in light of brain development research.


Dr. John Laski plans to write an article entitled, "Corporate Debt Structures: Looking Back Ten Years."


Dr. Marie Kenote plans to write an article entitled, "Reflections in a Garden: A Musical Portrait of the Harmony of the Creative Spirit."


Dr. Stephen Maret plans to edit Frank Lake's book-length manuscript, "Mutual Caring" for Emeth Press.


Dr. Glen Shellrude plans to write an article entitled, "The Freedom of God in Mercy and Judgment: An Interpretation of Romans 9:6-23."


Dr. Paul Siu plans to write four articles on the criteria for an evangelical globalization of theology, an interactive study of Robert Schreiter's "The New Catholicity," the dynamic relationship of text and context, and an Asian perspective on the theology of suffering.


Dr. James Chin plans to write an article establishing the reliability of Craig Ellison's Psycho-Spiritual Needs Inventory.
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