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Winterim '08: Global Service Learning

Posted by Joshua.Way on Thursday March 8, 2007

Students are now being given the dynamic opportunity to study and serve globally. Winterim 2008 is the fruition of Nyack College’s commitment to its core values. These courses are available to any Nyack College student, and financial aid will apply to the courses, and associated in country costs. Juniors and seniors who have spent five consecutive semesters at Nyack, with a GPA of at least 2.75 will be eligible to apply for Winterim travel stipends.

The courses will include:

Teaching In A Cross Cultural Environment in St George’s, Grenada West Indies.

Professors: Dr. Dion Harrigan

                   Christine Buel M.S.

Students will collaborate with classroom teachers in St. George Schools, teach lessons in the classroom and investigate the challenges and rewards of teaching cross-culturally. Students will also assist Nyack College faculty in education workshops and will experience the host culture through interactions with local communities, businesses and churches.

Geographical And Historical Settings of the Bible in Jerusalem, Israel.

Professors: Dr. R. Steven Notley

                   Dr. Frank Chan

This is a life-changing study program in the Holy Land. Its focus is the lives and ministries of familiar Old and New Testament personalities. With the land as their classroom, and archaeology, history and geography as their tools, students will be given the opportunity to explore the religious, political, cultural and geographical environment of prophets, priests and kings. Jesus’ ministry within the complex religious environment of the First Century is of particular interest. The aim is for students to better understand the ancient settings in which God revealed His truth and accomplished His redemptive purposes through the lives of those recorded in the Scriptures.

International Youth Ministry in Taipei, Taiwan.

Professor: Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr. (ABD)

This course adapts youth ministry outreach models to the Taiwanese context. The youth of Ximen Din, many comfortable with English, have challenged the traditions of their parents and have embraced a global popular culture of Hip Hop and Japanese fashion. Students will work with Taiwanese believers to develop a long-term ministry to reach the lost youth of Ximen Din.

Community Development In Context in Cebu, Phillipines.

Professors: Dr. David Jennings

                   Dr. Ron Walborn

Experience Christ-centered, international community development in practice. This course provides the student with the opportunity to study and participate in both international NGO and grassroots community movements. Dr. Jennings has a long standing relationship with this site and will provide the students with a model of how community development can be done on-site as well as resourced off-site.

Peoples and Cultures of India in Dehra Dun, India.

Professor: Scott Reitz M.A.

This course will provide the student with encounters with high caste and low caste Hindus, orphan and refugee populations, and Muslim and Buddhist communities in the context of urban and rural India.

*Due to the nature of this particular course, there will be significant in-country travel. The strenuous travel activity involved should be considered before enrolling.*

Fees for these courses range from $1,100 to $2,700. Enrollment for these courses will begin on March 26th for juniors and seniors, and on April 2nd for freshman and sophomores. For any further information, please contact Scott Reitz:

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