New Partnership With An Old Friend: Pastor Lesly Milord

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New Partnership With An Old Friend: Pastor Lesly Milord

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday November 17, 2015

“Nothing could remove me from Nyack College except full-time ministry,” said Lesly Milord (NC ’97). God recently called him to make good on that vow.

Milord, the former Associate Director of Admissions for Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) has joined the pastoral team at Beraca Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. Perhaps not coincidentally, Brooklyn was his primary recruiting territory when he served Nyack as an undergraduate admissions counselor in 1999. Like an “ambassador of goodwill” he formed genuine relationships with a network of pastors in the borough and based on the trust that developed, Lesly Milord averaged some 100 recruits each year. By the time, he ended his 16-year career in admissions at Nyack, 1,638 students found their way to the college because of him.

Counselors are the true foot soldiers in the field of admissions and often the stress of “making the numbers” can seem like all efforts are futile; on the contrary for Lesly. Because of his personal transformation at Nyack as a student, he pursued hearts, not a headcount.

In 2010, when Nyack College established a $1 million Haitian Scholarship Fund for students displaced by the earthquake in Haiti, Lesly Milord was the perfect choice for shepherding this initiative. His testimony captured the hearts of nearly a dozen students who enrolled at Nyack. These young men and women didn’t come for a handout. With GPA’s in the 3.5 to 3.9 range, the hand-up for the students was a fruitful investment and more evidence of Milord’s impactful way of acquainting young people with his beloved alma mater.

It was not a farewell when Pastor Milord said his goodbyes to the Nyack. Now the college and seminary have a partnership with him that is simply a shift in roles. Nyack admissions counselors will have an open door to the youth of his church and the many others that know of Milord’s relationship with Nyack.

Dr. Michael G. Scales and the Nyack/ATS board of trustees proudly paid tribute to the work of this extraordinary man during a board meeting—a well-deserved expression of gratitude covered with well-wishes and prayer. (Pictured l-r: Dr. Rockwell Dillaman, Pastor Lesly Milord, and Dr. Michael G. Scales).

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