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Nyack campus installs new phone system

Posted by Joshua.Way on Saturday March 3, 2007

A new phone system was activated on Monday, March 5 for Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary in Rockland County. On Monday, March 12, the phone system will be in place for Nyack College and ATS in New York City. This change will require new phone numbers and extensions to be assigned campus-wide.


Each of the campuses will retain their original main numbers as well as a second main campus line.  You will be able to reach each of the campuses on both numbers assigned as follows:


Nyack College Rockland Campus

845.358.1710 or 845.675.4400


Alliance Theological Seminary @ Rockland Campus

845.353.2020 or 845.770.5700


Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary @ New York City Campus

212.625.0500 or 646.378.6100


All FAX numbers and 800 numbers will remain the same at each campus location.


Callers can access a listing of offices via a voicemail tree or they can access a dial-by name directory. A live attendant is always available at all three campuses. On the Rockland Campus, an operator can assist callers Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m                                             


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