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Is Nyack For You? Are You for Nyack?

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday June 29, 2015

Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney and former executive with the Disney Corporation once observed, “When you know what your values are, its not hard to make decisions.”

At Nyack College, we know what our values are. Our values are important to us because they influence what we decide to do and shape how we decide to do it.

The five values that define Nyack College are:

Academic Excellence
Global Engagement
Intentional Diversity
Personal Transformation
Social Relevance

At Nyack, these values are at the very center of everything we do as a college. We seek to fulfill our educational mission by living out these values in meaningful ways.

If you are considering enrolling in any of Nyack’s programs, it is important that you know these values. These tell you what a Nyack education is all about and allow you to decide if this is what you are looking for. After all, if you know Nyack’s values, and if you know your own, it will become far easier for you to make a decision.

Consider these values, and whether or not they are truly important to you. If indeed they are, you can know that all of us at Nyack will be working towards the same outcomes.  That is perhaps the very best and most important factor on which to base your decision to enroll.

And if you find that these values are your values, you’ve just taken an important step toward making a decision.

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