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New Online! Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at ATS

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday June 29, 2015

Looking for graduate level study in Bible and theology without relocating to a seminary campus?

Alliance Theological Seminary is pleased to announce its Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree program is now available online!

This 36-credit curriculum is designed to provide a seminary level education in Bible and theology with a focus on ministry application, and is ideal for those who feel called to preaching, teaching, and discipling other believers.  Among the unique course offerings available in this program are:

NT615 Biblical Exegesis

This course will introduce a range of tools and methods required for biblical exegesis. Students will gain experience in applying these methods to Old Testament and New Testament texts of different literary genres.

SF505 Foundations for Ministry

This course shows the relationship of emotional, spiritual, and professional formation to effectiveness in ministry.

OT503 Reading the Old Testament

This course provides an introduction to the literature of the Old Testament within its historical context. The course focuses on the theological dimension of the text especially as a response to social, political, and spiritual crises in the collective life of ancient Israel.

For more information from the ATS Office of Admissions, click here.

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