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Rock-o-Nomix Team: You Voted! They Won!

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday June 1, 2015

Congratulations are in order for students in Dr. Gordon Boronow’s "Principles of Economics" course on winning the Spring 2015 Rockonomix music video contest for their video parody of the way business innovation, price competition, and anti-trust regulations work to satisfy the consumer (See the announcement on the win and the video here.) 

The participants were Gabriella Abelnur, Vastie D'Haiti, Laure Jean, Jessica Leclere, Ivana Marin, Julia McDougall and Alivia Mendez. Ruben Sagala helped with technical support.  Alivia Mendez wrote and produced the music video. Second place winner was the University of Arizona; third place went to Northern Kentucky University.

Thanks to all who voted and made this win possible!



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