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Upfront Musings: Christ and Culture on the Campus

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday January 9, 2007

During his tenure, former Nyack/ATS president, Dr. David E. Schroeder, inspired and informed faithful readers with his monthly newsletter, Upfront.  He recently published 180 of the best installments of the newsletter, along with twelve convocation messages, his chapel address after 9/11, a chapter on the vision for the early beginnings of NCMC and much more in a book entitled, Upfront Musings, Christ and Culture on the Campus. 


To get more information or to order the 500-page paperback, visit The book can also be ordered as a print on demand publication from Barnes & Noble or by writing him at


Dr. Schroeder will be contributing the profit on the sales of the book to the Nyack College Student Support Fund.

$24.99/ AUTHORHOUSE, BLOOMINGTON, IN/ ISBN:1-4259-4993-2 (SC)/ 490 pages


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