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Nyack Rockland Colloquium Series Features Dr. K. Kale Yu

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday November 10, 2014

Dr. K. Kale Yu, assistant professor of history at Nyack College will be the featured speaker at Session 3 of the Rockland campus Colloquium Series on Wednesday, November 19 at 4:00 p.m. in Presidents Hall (Shuman Hall), 185 South Highland Ave., Nyack, NY.

His topic, “Environmental Christian Ethics: A Christian approach to ecology and sustainability,” will examine the ways in which current perspectives of ecology have negotiated society's approaches to their relationship with the environment.

"Through the ways we understand the environment, our experience helps us to map the shifting ecological terrain, and to develop understandings of how larger processes related to economics has impacted the dynamics of our treatment to ecological issues," says Dr. Yu.  Within this context, this paper addresses the Christian ethics of ecological interdependence as a way to bridge the dualistic identification of ecology and humanity. By challenging existing mechanistic approaches to the environment, a Christian ethic attempts to provide a basis for a negotiation of our understanding of ecology in light of Christian reflections on our inter-connectedness, while failure of that attempt leads to an encounter not only the rejection of engaging global sustainability but also the reinforcement of a larger, political and economic ideology.

All are welcome.

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