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NYACK NYC: Forgive Us...Confessions of a Compromised Faith--Book and Panel Discussion

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Thursday November 6, 2014

Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith,  a book presentation and panel discussion on the text written by co-authors, Dr. Soong Chan Rah and Lisa Sharon Harper took place on Thursday, November 6 at the Nyack College Manhattan campus at 2 Washington Street in room 2241.

Dr. Mayra Lopez Humphreys, director of Nyack’s School of Social Work served as moderator for the event. Authors Rah and Harper addressed church-inflicted wounding of various groups in society and the need for the evangelical community to repent and lament for the absence of inclusivity. The discussion also focused on the Christian historical narrative with esteemed Nyack College faculty panelists.

Panelists included (l-r) Ms. Marcia Herrera, adjunct professor of social work; Dr. Cleotha Robertson, assistant professor of Old Testament; Dr. Vilma Balmaceda, associate professor of political science; Dr. Louis de Caro, assistant professor of church history; and authors Dr. Soong Chan Rah and Ms. Lisa Sharon Haroper. 

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