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Official Nyack College Statement Regarding Unknown Man on Campus September 23

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Thursday October 9, 2014

On Tuesday, September 23, two separate students reported encountering an unknown man walking on our residential campus in South Nyack, NY. Their conversations were pleasant, but to them he appeared to be suspicious. There was a soccer match on campus that day and it was unclear if this individual may have been a fan from the visiting team. Campus Security was notified and they were alerted to keep an eye out for this individual.

On October 2, while reviewing campus security video footage for another matter, the described individual was identified on footage inside several Nyack College buildings and attempting to open locked doors in our Campus Center and men’s dorm on the date that he was originally reported being seen – September 23.

The South Nyack Police Department was immediately contacted and began a thorough investigation. Apparently, a surveillance camera at a neighboring property also confirmed that the described individual was present on their property on September 23.

We have no evidence that this individual has been back on Nyack College property since September 23 and surveillance camera footage has captured no additional images of him entering buildings. No property was found to be stolen and there were no incidents of this individual attempting to harm anyone.

Flyers and email with pictures of the unknown individual and instructions on steps to take if you see him have been distributed on campus. Campus digital signage has also been utilized to distribute the picture of this gentleman. Residence Life staff held meetings with all resident students earlier this week to provide an update with accurate information so that rumors surrounding this event could be corrected. This has provided an opportunity for everyone in our community to be reminded of steps that we can all take to maintain a safe and secure community.

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