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True Confessions or A Half Century-Old Mystery to be Unveiled at Homecoming 2014!

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday August 26, 2014

Homecoming 2014 Alert!

Bob Cook, Nyack College, 1964 Class President sums up the scandalous mystery of the missing Pardington Hall Bell this way:

1964. That was “the year when the Pardington Bell went missing only to periodically show up throughout the year with the 1965 junior class in hot pursuit. However, that pursuit was somewhat behind Terry Bartholomew’s speedy 1950 Ford and the Bonnie and Clyde getaway route outlined by Chuck Willis. This one event went on for many years after the class of ’64 graduated, sprinkled with many hilarious stories as the classes behind us kept things going.

“The class of 1964 has decided after all these years, to come clean and tell the real story of how the bell went missing. How the class of 1964 actually lost the bell themselves for many months only to find it hanging on the porch of a Nyack resident, Dudley B. Martin, who had researched it, cleaned it, and somehow found it missing off his porch one day—just as it disappeared from Pardington Hall."

This year, the Class of 1964 may finally put the mystery of the missing bell to rest when classmates make "true confessions" at the all-alumni dinner on Saturday, October 11.

Whose report will you believe?

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