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Important Info for Returning Nyack NYC and Rockland Students

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday August 11, 2014

The Office of Student Development shares the following important message for returning students.

We hope you’ve been enjoying your summer—whether it’s been working, traveling, resting or a combination of all three! As you’re mentally preparing for your return to campus, we want you to be aware of the following important information.

The earliest that residential students on the Rockland campus can check into their dorms is Monday, September 1 at 9:00 a.m. We are unable to honor requests for an earlier return date. Sunday, August 31 is a check-in and orientation day set aside for freshmen and transfer students.

Both New York City and Rockland County campus students should click here to read the 2014-2015 Student Handbook before the start of the new academic year to become familiar with recent revisions. To ensure that the new language is not overlooked, we are providing you access to this preview of the handbook. You’ll notice that changes in the pdf are highlighted.  Any questions should be directed to the Office of Student Development prior to the start of the new academic year.

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