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The Nations Come to Us: Fukuyama Alliance Church Visits Nyack

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Friday July 25, 2014

Nyack College goes to the nations… and the nations come to us.

Recently a Japanese pastor with a half dozen members of his congregation came to gain a better understanding of the historical roots of The Christian and Missionary Alliance at Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS), the denomination’s flagship institution of higher education. Pastor Yoshi Ikuta was joined by Pastor Yoshifumi Ichimori, Mrs. Motoe Ogata, Mrs. Katsue Yasunaka, Mrs. Izumi Sakamoto and her twin teenage sons, Mr. Shinobu Sakamoto and Mr. Makoto Sakamoto.

In 1960 Rev. Ikuta, of the Fukuyama Alliance Church, was a seminary student of Drs. Richard Pease (former ATS dean) and his wife, Dr. Eleanor Pease, (former TESOL Department Chair and Department Head of Modern Languages and Linguistics) when the Peases were serving in Japan. Two decades later, Rev. Ikuta had the opportunity to visit ATS and attended classes at the seminary and the college. With deepened affection for the institution, Ikuta authored the Japanese translation of A.E. Thompson’s biography of Nyack and C&MA founder, Dr. A.B. Simpson.

Nyack Auxiliary Services director, Mrs. Michele Blanck, coordinated an itinerary that included visits with Dr. Frank Tuzi, department chair of World Languages and Linguistics; Dr. Ronald Walborn, dean of Alliance Theological Seminary; Rev. Charles Hammond, dean of students at the Manhattan campus; and Dr. Kwi Yun, chair of the Social Work department.

In addition to touring both the Rockland and Manhattan campuses, a private concert featuring the exquisite operatic performance of 1999 Nyack alumna, Mrs. Shereen Way, accompanied by pianist, Tom Hoetzl, concluded with a surprise when the seven Japanese guests reciprocated with a mini concert of their own including a moving rendition of “Jesus Loves Me.”

Click here to see a photo gallery of their visit. (Main post image by Abraham Koo)

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