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Is Nyack Affordable?

Posted by Joshua.Way on Wednesday June 18, 2014

Is Nyack affordable? Can a student affected significantly by the economic crunch attend Nyack and get a diploma despite financial hardships?

At Nyack College, we serve a population of students in which close to 50% receive the Federal Pell Grant meaning that their average family income is under $50,000. This is almost double the average of other private Christian schools. Thus, many of our students that graduated this past May managed to do so in the midst of significant personal economic challenges. In addition, many of our graduates were the first ones to graduate college in their family. One of the big reasons this is possible is because Nyack is committed to providing institutional grants and scholarships. In particular, we are proud to offer the Presidential Grant that helps students with financial hardship.  This program awards up to $4,000. Last year, over $13 million institutional dollars were given out at our Rockland and New York City campuses to over 92% of our current students. 

One example is 2012 Nyack graduate Joe O. Joe decided to go to college after working for a number of years. Attending Nyack did not always seem possible and graduation seemed more of a fantasy. In spite of this, Joe trusted in the God of the impossible and came to Nyack. He left his home in Pittsburgh, his job, and his church to come to our Christian college.  Paying for Nyack each semester was rarely clear, but he communicated well and worked hard. Joe had several jobs on campus, served as a Resident Assistant (RA) in the dorms (RAs can receive $3,000-$4,000), and was highly involved on campus. He was eligible for over $8,000 per year in grants from Nyack and received over $5,000 per year in grants from the Federal government. Additionally, his church back home helped him with scholarships each school year. Joe graduated in May 2012 with his Bachelor's in Science in Pastoral Ministry and went back to Pittsburgh to work full-time at his church, Allegheny Center Alliance Church.

I strongly believe that where God calls He provides. Any student or family that believes going to a Christian college with the unique experiences that Nyack has to offer is something that God is calling them to pursue should seek God in prayer, believe Him for provision, and explore every possibility.  We have a team of financial counselors at both of our campuses ready and willing to walk students and families through this faith journey of financing a Nyack College education. Our motto is, “Helping you make Nyack a reality!”

Steve Phillips is the Director of Student Financial Services as well as a local church pastor.  He is a 2004 alumnus and has 10 years of experience working in the financial aid field. 

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