Gospels in First Century Judaea Conference

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Gospels in First Century Judaea Conference

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Thursday August 29, 2013

Nyack College hosted a conference, “The Gospels in First Century Judaea,” today at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian just minutes from the new Nyack New York City campus located at 2 Washington Street. The inaugural conference was a prelude to the launch of Nyack's new graduate degree program, the Master of Arts in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins, headed by Dr. R. Steven Notley.

Christian and Jewish scholars of history, archaeology, and literature convened to address the physical, cultural, geographical, and religious setting of Jesus and nascent Christianity to an audience of accomplished scholars and laypersons, traveling from across our nation and as far away China, Africa, Europe, and Israel.

The distinguished scholars who presented at the conference included:

Dr. Steven Fine (Yeshiva University): "What Did the Jerusalem Temple Look Like in the Time of Jesus?"
Dr. Alexandria Frisch (Ursinus College): "Matthew 24:28 and the Death of the Roman Empire"
Dr. Daniel Machiela (McMaster University): "Early Jewish Background to the Laying on of Hands and Demonic Expulsion in Luke-Acts"
Dr. Eric Meyers (Duke University): Sepphoris and First Century Galilee
Dr. Serge Ruzer (Hebrew University): "In Search of the Jewish Literary Backdrop of Mark 1:1-11"
Dr. Lawrence Schiffman (Yeshiva University): "The Bleeding Woman in Mark, Matthew, and Luke"
Dr. Claudia Setzer (Manhattan College): "Even the Dogs Under the Table Eat the Children's Crumbs"
Dr. Brad H.Young (Oral Roberts University): "The Forgiveness of Sins and the Power to Overcome Them"
Dr. Burt L. Visotsky (Jewish Theological Seminary): ) άνοιγω in Luke 24 and Rabbinic Use of פתח‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Nyack College faculty presenters were:

Dr. R. Steven Notley, "Luke 5:33-35: When the Bridegroom Is Taken Away;" Dr. David Emanuel, "Matthew 21:6: from the Mouths of Infants and Babes;" and Mr. Jeffrey Garcia, "Matthew 19:20: 'What Do I Still Lack?' Jesus' Halakha on Giving to the Poor" were among the distinguished roster of presenters who demonstrated how their disciplines--language, literature, archaeology, and historical geography--can foster a better understanding of Gospel passages written in and influenced by the experiential world of first century Judaea.

To learn more about Nyack’s graduate program offerings, visit www.nyack.edu/GradPrograms.


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