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Nyack NYC Campus Leaders Conduct Workshop for Churches

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Wednesday June 19, 2013

“Lunch with the President” events in New York City developed by Nyack’s Marketing Department for Dr. Michael G. Scales are bearing fruit already.

After attending one of the "meet and greets" this past spring, several NYC churches combined efforts and invited Rev. Charles Hammond, associate dean of students, and Prof. Carlos Velez, both of the NYC campus to be the guest speakers for a workshop on leadership and mentoring.

Members of Church of the Nazarene Freeport, Long Island; Church of the Nazarene Brentwood, NY; and Long Island for Christ Church (pictured above) attended the recent gathering, which also further acquainted the group with Nyack’s degree programs.

As Prof. Velez shared with the group, “Character and skill are required of all leaders.  A leader with great character and no skill may be perceived as a good person, but not an effective worker. A leader displaying great skill & no character may produce an effective worker, but not a trustworthy one."

Engaging neighboring churches, community groups, and organizations near Nyack’s new campus home in Battery Park has reciprocal benefit and is a great vehicle for fostering goodwill in the community and in the Tri-State New York region.  


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