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NCMC Professor Tapped to Lead Local Book Talks on Da Vinci Code

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Wednesday May 24, 2006

Dr. Steven Notley, Department Head of Biblical and Theological Studies at Nyack's New York City campus, was a featured speaker in Rockland County on the controversial work of fiction, and now movie, The Da Vinci Code. He spoke this month at Suffern Library and at Rockland Community College. In both sessions, he addressed Dan Brown's book, as well as recent publications of the Gospel of Judas and The Gnostic Gospels in general.

"I took a page from David Letterman and gave a list of ten items of historical error in The Da Vinci Code. My approach is not apologetic, but merely educational--trying to help the uninformed to sift fact from fiction," says Dr. Notley, a bible scholar and published author. His most recent major work, co-authored with Anson R. Rainey, is a new bible atlas, The Sacred Bridge.

Articles on Dr. Notley's local appearances were covered in The Journal Newsand The Rockland County Times.

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