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Spring Play: Knight of the Burning Pestle

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Friday March 16, 2012

Nyack College Rockland will present a production of The Knight of the Burning Pestle by Francis Beaumont, a contemporary of William Shakespeare. The play will be directed by Dr. Kevin Pinkham, assistant professor of English, and Brittany Wetherill, student director. Six performances will take place April 13-15 and April 20-22 at Hilltop Auditorium on the Rockland campus. The Friday and Saturday evening shows will run at 7:00 p.m. Sunday matinees will run at 4:00 p.m. Tickets are $5 per student, $10 per non-student.

The Knight of the Burning Pestle is a 17th century comedy that tells the story of a group of actors intending to put on a play about an apprentice merchant who falls in love with his master’s daughter.  In an interesting twist, members of the audience have a different plan and would rather see their intern, Rafe, act out his dreams of being a knight on stage.

The Nyack student cast and crew include: Kevin Winkle, Allison Birch, Ben Wallin, Jeremiah Rivera, Simon Song, LeeAnn Mailly, Courtney Soucek, Ayodele Campbell, Eric Cabrera, Christien Jackson, Philip Strangolagalli, Pamela Code, Elizabeth Kendrex, Laura Satre, Stephanie Ginsberg, Mitchell Woodford, Rebecca Grodzki, Kelly Burke, Felicita Ruiz, Audrey King, Hannah Shipman, Brittany Wetherill, Petra Brown, Thanee Xiong, Chelsea Geyer, David Carrera, Brittany Wetherill, Christopher Rafalski, Vanessa V, Laura Davis, Wayne Hansen, and Jeremy Fuscaldo.

The Nyack campus community and local residents are welcome to attend. Reserve your ticket(s) by calling 845.675.4420. For additional information, phone 845-675-4526. 

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