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Spam filter/Quarantine box

Posted by kevin.buel on Thursday August 30, 2007

All Nyack College staff, faculty and students who have a college email address have their email processed through an email firewall. The firewall intercepts virus laden attachments and most unsolicited messages and either blocks or quarantines them depending on your personal settings. This is a brief discussion on how to access your email quarantine box.

Your personal quarantine box is generated when your Nyack address receives a message that looks like spam to the anti-spam system. When it does, the system will send a message to you stating that the spam box has been created. The message will provide you a password to access your quarantine box. Only upon receiving that email can you access your quarantine. Use the password supplied by that email to get into your quarantine. Go to and login with your email address and the quarentine supplied password. Your normal system login and password do not work on the quarantine box. You may change your quarantine password under PREFERENCES once you have logged into your quarantine successfully with the system provided password. You can also adjust your settings as to how your spam will be processed as well as check the quarantine for desired messages which can be forwarded and white-listed for future unhampered delivery. Below is a picture of the login page.

quarantine box

Please read carefully the pages that are presented. Following the instructions carefully should provide all the guidance you need to configure your email quarantine.  For online documentation, go to:

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