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Posted by kevin.buel on Sunday July 1, 2007

  Wireless access:

Wireless access is available in Christie, Harmony, Bethany, Driscol, Dunbar, Jaffery,  Moseley and Simpson dorms.  The Meru network ( supports 802.11G and b cards.  Additional access is available in Bailey Library, Boon center lounges, classrooms, dining commons and the Hilltop classrooms.  


Wireless users should obtain and use the latest available drivers for their devices as the client software on your laptop can have a serious impact on the ability of your system to connect to the network and subsequent performace level.   It is recommended that students  purchase G based devices, but avoid "extreame" or "turbo" branded units that support higher speeds which usually works only with the same vendor's access point.  


The Information Technologies department suggests that students use a major vendor of wireless gear who can provide you with support, should you need help. Some of the prominent vendors include Dlink, Netgear, Linksys (Cisco), and HP.    Inexpensive wireless devices have been proven unreliable on the college provided network and are not recommended. 

Inverted firewall:

The entire network at Nyack College, including the wireless network, is monitored by an  inverted firewall from Mirage Networks( This unit is of concern to computer users who are not patching their operating systems and/or are not running or updating  antivirus software on their machines.  This device monitors the network for dangerous network behavior and will deny network access to offending machines. Those machines will remain off the network until they have been cleaned of the offending process.


Students should do a Google search for help removing viruses from their systems. The following site describes the virus problem in general:


Students who are unable to clean their systems on their own may require paid professional help. One place students can call is 1-888-274-geek or visit from one of the lab computers.  There is also a  Geeksquad counter at the Best Buy store at the Palisades mall where you can take your machine for expert help.

Once you have cleaned your system, you should not have a problem connecting to the network. If not successful, please email with your network device MAC address, your phone number, the room and dorm you are in.  Someone will contact you if we find a reason on our end that you cannot connect.

 Web filter:

The college is primarily focused on providing a safe learning environment and promoting high moral standards for its students. To that end, the college operates a web filter. The filter is set to provide maximum educational opportunity. On occasion it has disallowed some social and chat based web sites. The college is not focused on providing access to recreational content on the web, though some sites may be accessable. To date the college has not found a blocked site that required us to adjust the current settings. When a desired site is blocked, you may send a message to the administrator via the address provided on the page stating the site is blocked. This does not assume the request will be granted simply because it was requested.  Denied requests will be answered with why they were denied.  It can take a number of days for most requests to be reviewed and acted upon.

Computer labs:

Nyack College provides 3 general use labs found in Boon Center(30 stations), Moseley Hall and Simpson Hall (20 stations each). There is also a writing center (8 stations) on the upper floor of North Campus in the faculty wing. Finally, there is an education lab of 20 stations at North Campus.  Each lab has printing capability.

Login accounts:

Students are issued a login account once enrolled in a course, usually with one week after registration.  Instructions to determine your Login/Username can be found on the screens of the computer lab machines or be asked of the lab proctor or upper classmen.  


If you are having a problems with your account, and the lab proctor can not help you,  leave a message at HELP(4357) or email  In both cases  leave complete first and last name along with the last 4 digits of your social security number and your home zip code number  for verification purposes.

Web resources page:

The main web link  to find your  Nyack College web resources is   Numerous links will be found there to take you to pages you wish to interact with.  In most all cases, you will be asked for an appropriate  login name and password for each link.  The email and Netstorage links use the Nyack issued login that allows you to also use computers in labs and Libray.  The other links have other logins issued by the owners of the sites, i.e. Registrar, eCollege.

Email address:

  • Students are issued email addresses consisting of their login name placed in front of This is the address school officials will use to convey official information to students.  


Spam quarantine:


All email is processed by a spam filtering system. A personal quarantine box will be generated for you at the point your account receives an email message that looks like spam.  Upon the creation of your quarantine, the system will send you an email message containing a password to access it.  Use that supplied password to get into your quarantine to change your password if desired.  You can also adjust your spam level settings and also check your quarantine for misdirected messages.   Go to  and login with your entire email address and the supplied password. Your normal system login and password will not work on the quarantine box. You may change your quarantine password under PREFERENCES once you have logged into your quarantine successfully.  If you need to get your password from the system, go to the site above and enter only your email address and click the Create Password button on the bottom of the page.  An email will be forwared to the entered address with the needed information.


It is not required that your quarantine be checked or cleaned. You will receive a daily summary of the messages that were quarantined for the last 24 hours via email. If you are expecting something that did not arrive in your box, you can check your quarantine for the message at any time by going to the aforementioned address.   Erroneously quarantened Email addresses can be whitelisted to prevent them from being quarantined in the future. Your quarantine will automatically discard messages that are 30 days old.




Personal file storage:


Students are encouraged to store files on a network drive designated as P: (personal) drive. (look for your login name on the list of devices when doing an "Open" in Word)  Students are encouraged to back their files up using  USB storage devices.  CD's can also be burned.  Floppies should be used as last resort. The college does not have the capacity to back up student files.


Your P: drive is available from the wireless network and through the Internet at   Logon using your system logon name and password and browse to the Home directory link.  This is your p: drive.  While files may be viewed through a browser, files must be downloaded to your local machine before you can edit them. Once editing is finished, the file must be saved on your local machine and then uploaded back to the Netstorage directory.  Direct editing is not possible.

Faculty Posted files:

Also found at are files that Faculty post for student use.  There are  links for the Rockland Campus, Manhattan Campus and ATS Program.  These are read only files for students, faculty have rights to upload new files and make changes to current ones.  Instructions for using the service are found on the opening page.




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