Literacy Learning in Action at PS 157


Literacy Learning in Action at PS 157

Posted by Jamie.Lettre on Friday January 7, 2011

Literacy preparation is enhanced by the time spent in clinical settings.  Students from the New York City campus have become acquainted with the teachers and Administration of The Benjamin Franklin School (PS 157) in Brooklyn, NY as a result of school visits.  Each term, Dr. White and her students make it a priority to spend time in the field to observe and discuss literacy practices in a highly effective urban school setting.  In both the Spring and Fall Terms, students enrolled in Literacy I and Literacy III spent the day with Principal Maribel Torres, Assistant Principal Juliana Notaro, and the school's Literacy Coach, Mrs. Morales.  The students enter each classroom and are able to observe students during the morning literacy block. During that time the students are able to review curriculum materials, speak with the teacher and students, and make note of important factors which contribute to the development of literacy skills in a challenging, urban, learning environment.  Afterwards, the students are invited to Mrs. Morales' Literacy Lab to investigate curriculum materials, ask questions, speak with the literacy coach and principal about their observations, and be debriefed.  The school's diverse population and literacy program provides Nyack students with a clinical setting which exemplifies the best practices of highly trained and effective teachers in their classrooms.  The same group will be returning in Spring 2011 when they are enrolled in Literacy III.  At that time the Literacy Coach will provide Nyack students with a workshop on RTI (Response to Intervention) and how it is applied in an actual classroom learning environment. 

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