Department Chapel- Reaching To Meet The Needs of Haiti

Posted by Jamie.Lettre on Tuesday February 23, 2010

Departmental Chapels can sometimes be “all-about-us” in its focus upon present concerns related to programs and students. However, in January, outreach became the primary concern around the campus as each department took time to pray about the needs of the Haitian people and collect a love offering. Overall, $700.00 was collected for Haiti relief offering which was spear-headed by the School of Education.
As part of the larger picture of concern and giving for Haiti relief, the School of Education invited Pastor Al Taylor, an Alliance Theological Seminary student, to talk about his first response trip to Haiti. He encountered numerous Christian brothers and sisters who praised God despite death and despair encircling around them. He warned the education students that as time passes, the “warm fuzzies” about helping others begins to subside and that we start to forget about those in need. At the end of the service, it was apparent that School of Education students were moved by his appeal. Over $150.00 was raised for Haiti relief and several students inquired about future short term mission opportunities in Haiti. Pastor Taylor, accompanied by Heather Butcher, was introduced by one of our own students, Cherisse Harris, a sophomore childhood education major. 
We as the School of Education are approaching God’s commands with serious corporate and personal introspection. The Lord admonishes us in I John 3:17, 18 that anyone who is blessed with some form of material possessions should reach out and give to others in need. 
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