Urban Educators Professional Development Day Comes to the Manhattan Campus!

Posted by Jamie.Lettre on Friday September 4, 2009

Urban Educators Professional Development Day

August 31, 2009


Host: Center for Urban Education

          Nyack College School of Education

          Childhood Education Department

          Facilitators:  Dr. Marie C. White

                               Professor Miriam Velez

                               Lewanda Miller


Programs which strive to produce highly effective teachers are only as strong as the network which supports their students in the field.  The Childhood Education Program has been fortunate to partner with professional schools which open their doors to our preservice teachers and give them an arena in which to practice their teaching skills in a real world context.


In April of 2009, the Childhood Education Department invited the administrators of its partner schools to an informal meeting where the discussion focused on the attributes of Urban Professional Teacher.  As a follow-up to that event, the faculty of the Childhood Education Department began to plan a professional day for late summer.  The network schools were invited to participate in workshops presented by Nyack College faculty with an array of expertise, focusing on the areas that our partners were most interested in developing for their teachers and school personnel.


On August 31st, the first Urban Educator’s Professional Development Day was held at the Nyack College Manhattan Campus.  In attendance were teachers, administrator’s and staff from public, Christian and private schools representing all five boroughs.  Dr. Scales, our president, greeted the attendees and encouraged them to continue their efforts in providing excellent education for the children of our city.  Dr. JoAnn Looney, Dean of the School of Education, welcomed the attendees, thanking them for their devotion to our teacher education program in NYC.





Workshops were facilitated by New York City faculty and deans representing several areas of expertise:


            Professor Adelaide Pabon        Academic Success Center Faculty NYC

            Professor Margaret Bowen       ESL Department Head, NYC

            Professor Miriam Velez            Director of Student Teaching, NYC

            Dr. JoAnn Looney                    Dean, School of Education

            Dr. Sue Talley                          School of Music, NYC

            Dr. Marie White                       Department Head, Childhood Education

            Lewanda Miller                        NYC Childhood Education, Field Supervisor


Responses to the workshops were extremely positive.  The administrators representing the schools in attendance have already contacted the NYC Department of Childhood Education to ask if similar events can be scheduled for the future.  

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