Laura Rodriguez, Former Deputy Chancellor of NYC Department of Education Speaks at the Urban Education Center

Posted by Eric.Nygard on Thursday May 7, 2015

The Urban Education Center in NYC welcomed the former Deputy Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, Laura Rodriguez, to their chapel service on February 25, 2015. Current students and alumni attended and participated in the chapel service. Andre Hayes ‘13 and Kathy –Ann Rodriguez ‘16 provided special music.

Our speaker began and ended by citing Jeremiah  29:11. She shared with the alumni and current teacher candidates that God had a good plan for her life and at this stage in her journey the most important thing to do is to be in the center of his will.The focus of the message described her professional journey as an educator in the NYC Public Schools and how she grew in the Lord during those 34 years. The purposes of the talk was divided into three phases of her journey:  Preparation/Implementation/Connection. The speaker referenced the 3-Dimensional (Heads/Hands/Heart)  Kingdom Class Education model we have been discussing in The Cause, (a group that supports the Christian educator in the public school settings),  with parallels to the 3 phases she went through in her diverse teaching and leadership roles during her tenure in the NYC DOE. 

When Ms. Rodriguez retired from the NYC DOE in 2012, she was a Deputy Chancellor, one of the ten Regional superintendents selected in 2003 to bring change to the NYC DOE. The remainder of the evening was a small group meeting with Ms. Rodriguez who is now the Chair of the NYC CAUSE, an initiative that we will learn more about in the near future. The alumni spent time learning more about The Cause and the speaker's journey, sharing their experiences, and meeting their new mentor! 

We are blessed to have Ms. Rodriguez as a Christian sister and professional who gladly shares her time and energy with the Urban Education Center. She will be returning for other events in the near future.

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