Value and Flexibility of a Nyack School of Education Degree within and beyond the K-12 Classroom


Value and Flexibility of a Nyack School of Education Degree within and beyond the K-12 Classroom

Posted by Eric.Nygard on Monday April 20, 2015

Dr. Turk recently shared that a graduate degree in education is a growing opportunity, since many older teachers are retiring in the next few years and teaching positions will be available. In addition, the Nyack School of Education (SOE) program also qualifies its graduates for vocations above and beyond the K-12 setting for those interested in ministry, missions, and corporate training positions. Some examples follow:

A 2013 SOE Adolescence Education/History major is employed by AT&T and is doing extremely well financially and professionally after about a year. His supervisor has advised him that his teaching background has prepared him well for a position as a corporate trainer.

Professor D’Amato’s son has an MSED in Adolescent Education Mathematics. Although did not get a teaching position he works for United Water as a Professional Program Manager. He was recently promoted because his boss noticed he had actually been over-qualified for his existing position. His new position is extremely prestigious and challenging. He passed the certification test on the first try.

Dr. Nichols’ daughter is AGAPE (Campus Crusade for Christ UK ) National Communications Director and MOVE journal editor-in-chief. Her preparation for this missionary position: Adolescent Education/English. She has shared that many countries (China and others) no longer accept people as missionaries, but eagerly accept qualified teachers from the United States.

A recent communication from an overseas missionary placement organization confirmed that hundreds of students and their families in China and other countries are being led to Christ by Christian teachers.

As I have stated previously, an education degree is very valuable and flexible, whether a graduate teaches in a K-12 setting, does missions or teaching overseas, or works in a corporation in planning or training. Dr. Tim Keller in Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work supports the idea that if we are properly prepared can also serve Christ in positions outside of traditional ministry or missionary roles. Graduating with an educational degree as a Christian educator from the Nyack SOE superbly prepares us for that role.

-Dr. James Nichols, PhD,D.Min.

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