Lessons Learned while Teaching in India

Posted by Eric.Nygard on Wednesday January 28, 2015

I spent the second half of the Fall 2014 semester in New Delhi, India, student teaching at an international school. I thought I went to India to teach, but I learned so much more about myself as an educator, friend, and child of God.

Coming into student teaching, one of my biggest goals was to find my teacher voice, one that would incite respect and love in my students. Like the other lessons that I learned in India, that desire blossomed both inside and outside of the classroom. I am finding my teacher voice, and I am finding so much more. I learned that finding my voice does not mean always having the exactly right, most beautiful thing to say, but it is having something to say that reflects who you are. My voice reflects who I am -- secure, loved, and provided for. 

In the classroom, I quickly discovered that I couldn't do it all, and no one expected me to. It is not realistic to be perfect 100% of the time, and to believe the opposite is to set myself up for madness. It's okay to ask for help, or to say no to something that I can't do alone. Outside of the classroom, I learned to relax and be blessed by others through cups of coffee, rides to school, or a bed to sleep in. In India, I was as helpless as an infant. I came with nothing to go on but a few emails and a recommendation from a friend, yet I was met with more hospitality and love than I ever thought possible. It was incredible to see God's faithfulness and provision through the undeserved love of others.

There are a thousand more lessons that I learned, but I would be writing for days if I recorded every single one. What I can share is this -- God is good. He provided for my every need while student teaching so far away. It wasn't easy, and I know that it won't suddenly become easier post-graduation, but I am so thankful for all that I have learned. I welcome the lessons that will continue to mold me into the woman God made me to be.

-Jessica Hannon  Childhood Education Class of '15

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