Change to the edTPA requirement

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Wednesday April 30, 2014

The New York State Board of Regents--as of yesterday--has made a short-term allowance for Initial Certification for those who fail the edTPA.  If all other criteria for certification* are met, the person who has submitted and failed the edTPA may then take and pass the old ATS-W exam (instead of edTPA) before June 30, 2015 in order to receive an Initial Certificate.  
Required for Initial Certification May 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015:
  1. Submission of application(s) for certificate(s) and application fee(s) in TEACH
  2. Passing the Academic Literacy Skills Test
  3. Passing the Educating All Students exam
  4. Passing the Content Specialty Test(s) for your subject area(s)
  5. Clearing fingerprint background check
  6. Completing the child abuse identification/prevention and Dignity of All Students Act workshop hours through EDU 247/EDG 547 Health Issues for Educators course
  7. Successfully completing our teacher preparation program with Nyack College's recommendation for certification (no lower than B- in student teaching and Senior Seminar required for recommendation)
  8. Submitting the edTPA from student teaching at  
    • If you pass the edTPA and all of the above, you qualify for your Initial certification
    • If you fail the edTPA but have already completed all of the above, you may then take and pass the Assessment of Teaching Skills--Written (ATS-W) in order to qualify for your Initial certification without an edTPA retake.  You cannot bypass the edTPA by passing the ATS-W, you must first take and fail the edTPA to qualify for the alternative ATS-W.  Remember to take the ATS-W by mid-May 2015 to have a passing score in time for the June deadline.
Required for Initial Certification July 1, 2015 and beyond: 
Above items 1 through 7, plus 8. Pass the edTPA from student teaching at (no ATS-W alternative).
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