Student Behavior Management Webinar Held in the Ed Lab


Student Behavior Management Webinar Held in the Ed Lab

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Monday April 14, 2014

Student Behavior Management Webinar Held in the Ed Lab

Dr. Jim Nichols, Chair of the Adolescence Education Department, hosted a professional development event for students on Thursday, April 4.

The webinar, Defining the Consequences: Student Behavior Management with Doug Lemov, was presented.  The webinar addressed 5 principles of classroom culture that critically promote a positive classroom environment that support learning. These principles, discipline, management, control, influence and engagement, were explored in depth by examining both the teacher's and student's perspectives.

Doug Lemov's text Teach Like A Champion, a nationally recognized study of high-performing urban teachers and their practices, is used during methods courses and in senior seminar, the co-requisite course for student teaching.

After viewing the webinar, students enjoyed pizza and conversation.

The students in the Education Department appreciate the School of Ed for hosting professional development events like this one.

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