2013 Teacher Certification Fees for School of Education Students

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Friday October 4, 2013

2013 Teacher Certification Fees for School of Education Students

There are several fees and expenses that all education students pursuing teacher certification should expect to pay in order to complete both certification and graduation requirements. These fees are listed below in order to assist students in financial planning.




Out-of-pocket Expenses

Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)


Educating All Students Test (EAS)


Content Specialty Test (CST) [within each applicable certification area]







Health certificate for TB

$100 or per physician fee


As needed

Course Fees (found on student bill)

LiveText Student Membership


Cooperating Teacher  for Senior Seminar


Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)







Two competencies: 1) Reading, and 2) Writing to Sources that should be completed in 150 minutes.

The reading comprehension tasks are multiple‐choice and only 40% of the exam. The other 60% is made up of three writing tasks comprised of two

20‐minute focused responses and one 60‐minute extended response.


Five competencies: 1)Diverse Student Populations, 2) English Language Learners, 3) Students with

Disabilities and Other Learning Needs, 4) Teacher Responsibilities, and 5) Home‐School Relationships to be completed in 90 minutes. Each of the first three competencies has both multiple‐choice questions and a 10‐minute constructed‐response, together comprising 82% of the examination.


Each content exam has its own competencies. The

Format is multiple‐choice questions and one 60‐minute constructed response. The selected-response times count for 80% of the total test score; the constructed-response item counts for 20% of the total test score.

For a more complete description of each certification exam, visit http://www.nystce.nesinc.com/ or the Nyack College School of Education website at http://www.nyack.edu/files/NYSTCE_Implications.pdf.


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