Carol Johannah Ziegler-Ritter, Valedictorian of Nyack College Manhattan Campus

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Thursday May 9, 2013

Carol Johannah Ziegler-Ritter is the 2013 valedictorian for Nyack College Manhattan Campus. Johannah, 4.0 GPA, graduates with a BS in Childhood Education and initial certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6).

Johannah reflects, “I went into education because I had a desire to work with children and had seen the joy (and the challenges) that teaching can bring to the teacher in members of my family who were also teachers. As for hurdles, as a homeschool student, I had never stepped foot in a public school before I began my course related fieldwork. It was challenging to me to have to adjust to that education environment and teach/manage 28 students at once. I am currently working as a full-time live-in nanny for three year old girl. I am using my training in education to help prepare her for school, which she will be starting soon.”

When asked what her plans are for the future, Johannah shares, “I am considering pursuing a master's degree in literacy, and hope to eventually use my education to homeschool my own children.”

Johannah credits Dr. Marie White and Professor Miriam Velez as well as her classmates with much of her success while at Nyack College. “They took the time to not only prepare me for teaching, but to truly get to know me as a person and prepare me for life. I am also grateful for my fellow education students--my school family. Their friendship and support, especially of my closest friend at Nyack, Victoria Safi, made my time at Nyack College an experience that was not only challenging but also enjoyable.”

The School of Education wishes Johannah well as she pursues her professional and personal goals.



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