Victoria Safi's Testimony to Nyack College

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Thursday May 9, 2013

Edlynne Victoria Safi, a December 2012 graduate in Childhood Education with a concentration in English, is presently earning her Master degree in Special Education at Fordham University. Victoria shares her testimony of some special honors she received as a result of her years spent in both the Education and English departments at Nyack College. In addition to her studies, Victoria works in the Nyack College Admissions Office.

I entered Nyack College NYC in Fall 2009 as a transfer student, and recently graduated in December 2012. When I first heard of Nyack College of being New York City's Christian College, I knew it was the place I needed to study at, and thankfully I did because my life has changed so much because of it. A few fun facts about me... I wasn't always a good student in my High School years, and even in my Community College days I wasn't much of a studious person. As a matter of fact, I received my G.E.D because I did not complete High School. I had a very low GPA in my former college, but all of that had changed once I started in Nyack College. 

I studied Childhood Education with a concentration in English, and I am now an NYS certified teacher. I have been on the Dean's List my entire time here at Nyack, and this is not being mentioned to brag about my accomplishments, I am extremely thankful for the faculty and staff who have believed in me, challenged me, and encouraged me to work hard to reach my goal. I currently attend Fordham University and am pursuing my Masters in Special Education. I am in an intense program and feel like I am with the cream of the crop, and I know I would have never made it this far without Nyack College as my stepping stone. I am incredibly prepared with my studies at Fordham University and truly am reaping the benefits of Nyack. I recently had a Behavior Management Portfolio due for one of my classes, and although this 34-page assignment was intense, I was prepared thanks to the School of Education at Nyack. As I was presenting to my professor and class, my professor announced that she would like to use my case study in a chapter of her upcoming textbook. I am honored that I was given the opportunity to have my work published in an education textbook, and I am so glad that still having the connection with Nyack College allowed me to be able to share this news and be able to pour back into the community that has molded me. 

My advice to those current Nyack College students and also prospective students is to stay strong, believe in yourself and work hard! Yes, things will be tough at times but never give up on yourself and your education, when you step out into the world you will truly see the benefits from your studies.




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